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Kenny Yiu, Chairman

We’ve all been talking about Internet of Things for some time, and have heard that 5G plus other
networks will soon take IoT to the next level where we will soon begin the era of “Internet of
Everything” (IoE).

WTIA has a mission to help drive connectivity in Hong Kong; to ensure more people understand
the inevitable need to keep up with the times and utilize technology to its fullest and most
beneficial potential. We want to keep industry players well-informed about what these
technologies could do, what their limitations might be, and how they could be applied. We want
to educate so that future conversations are much more meaningful, leading to workable solutions
rather than the continued rhetoric that we are ‘lagging behind’.

We invite you to be part of this exclusive Connected City Conference event!

– Kenny Yiu, Chairman


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09:00 - 9:05
Opening Remarks

Ms. Wendy Alison Yung, Executive Director

Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA)


5G Closer- Embrace a connected world

Connectivity empowers new possibilities, fusion of 4G and 5G empowers a more connected world. Innovative 5G technologies enable a better connected future and intensive tests and trials are accelerating the 5G commercialization

Mr. Daniel Ding, Senior Marketing Director

ZTE (H.K.) Limited

Digitalization for Networked Society

With the overwhelming embrace of Big Data Analytics, the digital transformation becomes a pedagogy in business school. It demands the unprecedented ability to share information, people and industries are collaborating more, creating solutions that combine many different areas of expertise and overturning traditional business models. This cross-industry transformation has created a need to evolve wireless connectivity for mobile IoT and 5G technology. This presentation intends to provide a view of mobile IoT and 5G technology driving the digital transformation in a networked society.

Mr Daniel Leung, General Manager, Enterprise Solution Development


Experience of LoRaWAN network deployment in Hong Kong

Smart city enhances quality and performance of urban services, reduces costs and resource consumption and engages more effectively and actively with its citizens with the help of digital technologies. The life and core of this is a connected city. This presentation will cover a LoRaWAN overview, technological specifics, the hybrid network model, and outlook on the IoT market.

Mr.Ralph Riley, CTO

Pixel Networks Limited

Sigfox & its Applications in Smart City

Internet of Things is recently getting a lot of attentions & is regarded as the “next big thing”, partly due to the technology advancement in Cloud Computing & Big Data Analysis. However, there is still a bottleneck in Wide Area Network connectivity, where millions of simple sensor devices need to be connected to the Smart City Infrastructure in a energy efficient & cost effective way.
In this session, we are going explore the characteristics & advantage of LPWAN & Sigfox, and explain why it is the perfect technology for Smart City applications. We will also cover some case studies on how Sigfox is being used in Smart City projects.

Mr. Anthony Lai, Head of Ecosystem Development

Thinxtra Solutions Ltd

Connected City Planning: Data Governance

Cities around the world are currently plans for connected cities. Urban informatics and smart cities are concepts where information and data become the basis for new models of managing processes in a city. How is the urban information space governed? How can we address questions about usage, control and access to human and machine-generated data?

Ms. Waltraut Ritter, Founder

Knowledge Dialogues

Panel Discussion
5G & IoT Networks Keynote Panel

For many of us in the ICT industry, the future city is an always-on connected city, where ubiquitous connectivity is taken as a for granted infrastructure. The panel shall address questions around how the urban data space will be managed and how human and machine-generated data across the city can be governed in a sustainable and inclusive manner. This will include questions around security, access and transparency of data data processing, as well as questions around livability and inclusiveness of connected cities. How can we better anticipate both potential and risks of connected cities?

Moderator: Ms. Waltraut Ritter, Founder, Knowledge Dialogues

Speakers (in arbitrary order):

Mr. Ralph Riley, CTO, Pixel Networks

Ms. Marie Ma, Senior Director of Technical Marketing Solutions, Comba Telecom

Mr. Ken Law, CEO, MotherApp

Mr. Daniel Ding, Senior Marketing Director, ZTE

Mr. Yan Shun Li, Senior Product Manager, China Telecom Global Limited

Mr. Daniel Leung, General Manager, Enterprise Solution Development, SmarTone

Mr. Nick Pugh, Market Segment Manager, Device R&D, Rohde & Schwarz

Mr. Daniel Weitze, Digital Solution Manager, Siemens Ltd HK

The Data-Driven City: The Role of Smart Infrastructure

The Smart City is rooted in innovation and collaboration across various entities in the public, private and academic sectors. This presentation aims to show the importance of connectivity between the data environment and the physical infrastructure of a city. Particularly in an urban environment like Hong Kong, where the existing infrastructure spans varying levels of age, harnessing data becomes an invaluable tool to extend the life of the city infrastructure and introduce effective, innovative and intelligent means of improving the livability and competitiveness of a world-class city.

Mr. Daniel Weitze, Digital Solution Manager

Siemens Ltd HK

The Road to 5G Smart Cities

5G will be a key building block in the development a true smart city. This discussion examines smart city use cases and how 5G will accelerate IoT and connected smart cities now and in the future

Ms. Marie Ma, Senior Director of Technical Marketing Solutions

Comba Telecom Systems Limited

Testing Quality and Security of IoT devices for the IoE

Testing is an important aspect for the new technologies of IoT, to ensure true interoperability with existing and other new technologies , optimized power consumption and secure communication of the ‘Things’ deployed in the ‘Internet of Everything (IoE)’. This short seminar will introduce some of the technologies and associated test requirements paving the way to a fully connected IoE.

Mr. Nick Pugh, Market Segment Manager, Device R&D

Rohde & Schwarz Hong Kong Ltd

A 5G Era – Go Fast and Get Smart

Smart city development is currently a hot topic. The Hong Kong Government also stressed the importance of developing Hong Kong into a smart city in the Policy Address. The industry anticipates that connection is the key of this transformation. Some world’s leading telecoms operators are working on mass connection solutions by deploying NB-IoT technology to their mobile networks. We will shed light on how 3 Hong Kong is establishing a local NB-IoT ecosystem as we usher in an era of massive 5G connectivity.

Dr. Michael Xue, Assistant Chief Engineer of Radio Planning and Wireless Network

Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited

IoT Cyber Security

IoT provides extraordinary business benefits but poses serious network and security concerns. Traditional infrastructure not originally intended for the Internet quickly finds its way online and is made more complex with the addition of new connectivity and data. We will look at how security plays a critical role in IoT, what are the security challenges and how security is played differently in Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) environment. We will also look at some recent industrial IoT security incidents, and ways to secure your IoT environment to address the IoT security challenges with the modern day security technologies and architectures.

Mr. Garrick Ng, CTO

Cisco Systems

C-V2X Technology

Number of vehicles in Hong Kong is reaching 800,000 in 2017. While it normally takes years to build up new transportation system and road network to streamline increasing traffic demand, new information and communication technologies such as Big Data and LTE offers opportunity to make our existing transportation system safer, faster and more environmental friendly.

Currently, drivers, passengers and pedestrian can only access limited amount of real-time traffic information when they make decision for their journey. Cellular V2X (C-V2X) technology, being built on top of existing mobile network, supports connecting vehicles to each other (V2V), to pedestrians (V2P), to roadway infrastructure (V2I) and to the network (V2N). By integrating with sensing and data analyzing technologies, it can increase awareness of what happen around and in front of the road for different stakeholders who can timely optimize their routes.

Mr. Philip Yick, Solution Director

Huawei International Co. Limited

Bringing Trust to IoT World

The IoT is dramatically changing our working and living landscape, with billions of things talking to each other, it is opening new business opportunities and the promise of a better-connected world. From building surveillance, connected cars or smart cities to monitoring workers in risky environments, the IoT has a lot to offer. Gaining and retaining consumer trust in data exchange and privacy is essential for the IoT to reach its potential. IoT Security is a crucial challenge and IoT players need to ensure an end-to-end secure IoT ecosystem that everyone can trust in.

Mr. Clement Lam, Vice President, Field Marketing & Solution Sales, Mobile Services& IoT


Hong Kong Smart City Case Study: Real-Time Crowd Management of a Marathon

RunOurCity is a large scale marathon with more than 15,000 participants and it is not easy feat to manage the crowed. Using the latest IoT and AI technologies, we enable the organizers to understand the people flow so that they can send the staff to the right place at the right time to manage the crowd and provide a better visitor experience. In this talk, we will share the challenges and lesson learnt in the project conception and execution.

Mr. Ken Law, CEO

MotherApp Limited

Smart City capability and practice?

With the acceleration of smart city development, the driving effect of NB-IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing in build a Smart City is becoming increasingly important. This topic is to share how China Telecom leverage the latest technologies to realize ubiquitous connectivity and thorough city awareness to boost new-style smart city.

Mr. Ray Zhong, Senior Solution Consultant

China Telecom Global Limited

Closing Remarks

Ms. Wendy Alison Yung, Executive Director

Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA)


End of Programme


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in arbitrary order
Dr. Michael Xue, Assistant Chief Engineer of Radio Planning and Wireless Network, Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited

Dr. Michael Xue joined Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited in 2008.  He specializes in researching into novel wireless technologies and collaborating with network and device suppliers to drive technical feasibility studies.   Dr Xue has played a leading role in a wide range of wireless network evolution projects including LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Pro, NB-IoT, LAA and 5G, providing in-depth technical evaluation and strategic proposals to enable new service provision and cater to the evolving needs of consumers and corporate customers.

Dr. Xue holds a PhD degree in Electronics Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast in the UK.


Mr. Anthony Lai, Head of Ecosystem Development, Thinxtra Solutions Ltd

  Mr. Anthony Lai has over 15 years of experience in the data communication and electronics industry. He is currently working as the Head of Ecosystem Development in Thinxtra Solution Hong Kong, one of the first pioneers that provide LPWAN IoT service to Asia. Before joining Thinxtra, Anthony worked as the technical lead for several IoT & Telecom projects. He was appointed by the Zigbee Alliance as the Asia Marketing Director in 2006, whose responsibility was to promote the Zigbee standard, a new standard for Home Area Network back then. He is currently an executive committee member of Hong Kong IoT Alliance, one of the major market promotors for IoT technology in Hong Kong.

Mr. Daniel Weitze, Digital Solution Manager, Siemens Ltd HK

Mr. Daniel Weitze manages the Digital Solutions business in Siemens Hong Kong. The focus of Daniel’s role is to provide innovative and customized digital value-add to Hong Kong’s major infrastructure providers, ranging from transport to utilities to the buildings sector.

With a technical background in information technology, energy management, IT systems, engineering and business administration, Daniel started his expertise within Siemens’ Mobility Division, working on smart transport applications. With a broad-spectrum background as well experience in R&D, operations and sales, Daniel is keen to bring the best practices from Europe to Asia, with Hong Kong being a focal point of smart and digital city deployment.

Mr. Ralph Riley, CTO, Pixel Networks Limited

Mr. Ralph Riley, chief technology officer (CTO), leads Pixel’s long-term vision, and has been responsible for overseeing all technical aspects at Pixel in support of Hong Kong smart-city initiatives. With over 20 years of telecommunication engineering and value-chain management, Riley provides leadership for the continued rapidly expanding smart-city programs in Hong Kong. Riley has been in Hong Kong for over 10 years after successful careers spanning 20 years at Motorola Inc and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Riley has a Master of Science in Computer Science.

Mr. Ken Law, CEO, MotherApp Limited

Mr. Ken Law witnessed firsthand that a company can make money and contribute to society at the same time. After earning his MS degree at Stanford University, he joined Google as the first group of interns and became a full-time employee in 2000. While at Google, Ken developed a patented algorithm to find related pages. In 2007, Ken returned to Hong Kong and started MotherApp, a mobility consulting and development agency with a core belief that their work should help people’s daily lives one app at a time.

In 2017, MotherApp launched the PowerArena platform to bring intelligence to physical places.

Ms. Waltraut Ritter, Founder, Knowledge Dialogues

Ms. Waltraut Ritter is principal at Knowledge Dialogues, specializing in applied research on innovation and knowledge-based economy in the Asia Pacific Region and works for government agencies, public and private research institutes and international organizations. She has worked on projects related to knowledge/sustainable cities for more than a decade. She served on the Digital Strategy Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong government, and on the ICT committee of the European Chamber of Commerce.

She has a M.A. in Information Science from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, and an M.B.A. in International Business from Anglia University, Cambridge.

Ms. Marie Ma, Senior Director of Technical Marketing Solutions, Comba Telecom Systems Limited

Ms. Marie Ma is responsible for overseeing the strategies and development of new solutions and product marketing for Comba Telecom. She graduated from Tsinghua University with a master’s degree in Information & Communications Engineering in 2007 and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering &Automation in 2004.

Additionally, Marie is leading Comba Telecom’s efforts in the smart city technology space where she has helped form a number of strategic alliances with technology partners and business partners to drive the smart city ecosystem. Marie has wide experience in product management, technical marketing and business development and is a frequent speaker at the wireless industry events and seminars.

Mr. Ray Zhong, Senior Solution Consultant, China Telecom Global Limited

Mr. Ray Zhong is a senior solution consultant in China Telecom Global Limited. With over 19 years’ experience in  telecom and ICT industry, he is now involved in developing and deploying big data solution, smart city solution, managed service solution, and so on.

Mr. Clement Lam, Vice President, Field Marketing & Solution Sales, Mobile Services & IoT, Gemalto

Mr. Clement Lam is currently the Vice President of Field Marketing and Solution Sales of Gemalto in Mobile Services & IoT for Greater China and Korea region. His responsibility covers the solutions and services business of Gemalto to telecom operators, OEM/ODM, and IoT players.

Clement has been with Gemalto for more than 18 years and has held various sales, marketing and technical management roles. Clement holds an MBA from Macquarie University, Australia and a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada.

Mr. Philip Yick, Solution Director, Huawei International Co. Limited

Mr. Philip Yick is responsible for all strategy of ICT solution for operators in Hong Kong and Macau including Mobile Network Architecture Design, Network Evolution Roadmap to 5G, Cloud Computing and IoT.

Mr. Philip Yick has over 15 years of experience in mobile industry overseeing the most exciting development from UMTS to LTE-A.  Prior to joining Huawei, he was focused on network planning, product development and marketing of mission critical communications across the government, public safety, transportation, and utilities.

Mr. Philip Yick holds a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Mr. Garrick Ng, CTO, Cisco Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

Mr. Garrick Ng is the Chief Technology Officer for Cisco Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, leading Cisco’s Enterprise, Commercial and Service Provider systems engineering strategy and operation in these markets. Bringing to the company more than two decades of technical and business experience in the ICT industry, Garrick joined Cisco in 2007 and assumed the role of Head of Systems Engineering for Cisco Hong Kong and Macau in 2012.

Garrick is dedicated to contributing his expertise and experience in the IT field to the community. He is involved in many facets of the industry, serving as Vice President, IoT & Mobility Special Interest Group, and Committed Member of the Information Security Special Interest Group, both under Hong Kong Computer Society, Chairman of the Smart City Consortium Security Special Interest Group,  and Committee Member of the Cyber Security Alliance under Hong Kong Information Technology Federation. Most recently, Garrick was awarded Gold (Communications/Management Category) in the Cyber Security Professional Awards, organized by the Hong Kong Police Force, the Government Computer Emergency Response Team Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center to recognize for his unique capabilities and excellence in cyber security.

Mr. Daniel Ding, Senior Marketing Director, ZTE (H.K.) Limited

Mr. Daniel Ding leads ZTE’s 5G Marketing. He has more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunication fields. Joined ZTE in 2010 as a corporate marketing director, he worked with the top operators around the globe, technical consulting the key projects of ZTE. Prior to Joining ZTE, Mr. Ding worked as Marketing Director in Fiberhome International globally. Mr. Ding has been taking the current Senior Marketing Director role ever since 2016.

Mr. Nick Pugh, Market Segment Manager, Device R&D, Rohde & Schwarz Hong Kong Ltd

Mr. Nick Pugh is currently employed at Rohde & Schwarz, in the role of Market Segment Manger (Device R&D), responsible for the Market Development for the R&S product portfolio for R&D Device Test, Network Operator and Conformance Test solutions, particularly for IoT and 5G.

With 17 years in the Wireless Communications Test and Measurement industry, Nick has worked alongside many of the world’s industry leading Mobile Chipset, Device Manufacturers and Test Labs for the development and testing of key wireless communication technologies.

Nick has been living in Hong Kong for the past 13 years and has a particularly strong understanding of the Asian Market. Nick received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Essex University (UK) in the year 2000.

Mr Daniel Leung, General Manager, Enterprise Solution Development, SmarTone

 Mr. Daniel Leung is General Manager of Enterprise Solution Development, Products & Services at SmarTone, who is formulating and managing the suite of ICT products and services as well as leading a team of consultants providing solution advisory services to enterprises. He has a strong focus on wide range of disruptive technologies and related applications including cloud computing, communications & collaboration, information security, Internet of Things, artificial intelligent & analytics.

He has more than 20 year working experience in communication and Internet technologies, real-time massive concurrent system architectural design, products & services development as well as business development.

Mr. Yan Shun Li, Senior Product Manager, China Telecom Global Limited

Mr. Yan Shun LI is a Senior Product Manager at China Telecom Global Limitied (CTG). He manages various aspects of mobile business including roaming and MVNO products and is responsible for global IOT business with primary focus on cross-border business between China and overseas markets. Yan also supports the business development of CTG’s mobile products.

Yan has over 10 years of work experience in the semiconductor/telecommunication field in Europe, China, Hong Kong and holds a MBA and MSc degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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